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By Christina

My friend Kristen King is sponsoring a contest over at Lively Women that you will probably be interested in. Yep, beauty loving chicks take note:

Leave a comment telling Lively Women readers about your best or worst experience with a skin care product/provider or restaurant, and be automatically entered into a random drawing to win a $50 Bruno Jamais gift certificate and Frownies’ Facelift in a Bag!

Kristen is a fantastic writer - you may have run into her at one of many places online that she writes. Lively Women is a blog all about us. Leave your comment on this post, (and read the ones that are there, some funny ones are there already, and no doubt there will be more to come) and enter to win!

I don’t ever enter these plethora of contests we have around b5media, partially because they are my full time employer and really because I really want a reader to win. So I will tell you of my worst skin care experience. It was recent. While I was in NY for Fashion Week, we really had so many wonderful opportunities to meet folks. In the process I had probably about 5 makeovers. That’s a lot of different stuff on your face. So, the day before my super secret meeting that I can’t tell you about until later in the month but was soooooooooooo excited for, Teri and I went to - gosh, where were we? - I think Bendel’s. This darling makeup artist at Trish McEvoy pulled us over there, and wanted us/me to try his wares. Most especially the Beta Hydroxy Pads. He used those to take my makeup off, and that is where I think the mistake was made. He did a lovely job putting makeup back on me, but by the end of the day, my face looked horrific. Just horrific. I was so broken out, and my skin looked swollen. It has taken nearly a month for my skin to recover. Nice way to meet - well - my favorite designers, face to face. That’s all I can say about that for now.

I really hesitate to blame the product itself on my woes, as I think it was icing on a way too made-over cake. Maybe it was using too much of it (to remove my makeup). But it will be a long time before I try them again, I will tell you that. He did a beautiful job on my eye makeup, and I bought the brush he used to do the shadow in my crease - it was wonderful - but you can see a small taste of how oily my skin was afterwards. And the eyebrows. ::shudders:: Just. not. cute.

Image © Christina Jones

Pictures coming March 20 of the bad skin and the hot designers. I know you can see the excitement in my eyes, hopefully it overshadows the horrid look of my skin. LOL

Get on over to Lively Women and tell Kristen your story, ok? Go now so you don’t forget, but she is taking comments until next Friday, March 14th.

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