Make a Craft Room ...


Make a Craft Room ...
Make a Craft Room ...

All serious and not-so-serious mad croppers need a place where they can play and spread out their scrapbooking goodies.

In our old house (we moved a few months ago), I was fortunate to have one of the rooms converted into my very own craft room (with Hubby’s blessing of course!). In the house we are currently living in, I am again fortunate to have a spare room to ‘play’ in. However, the set-up leaves much to be desired. Would you believe we moved in May 2006 but until now, I’ve got 2-3 boxes I need sorting out? It’s procrastination at its best!

While surfing the net for some craft room ideas, I came across the article from iVillage that I’d like to share with you:

Organize your work space
esignate stations for supplies. This will help your space run efficiently. And prioritize counter space. Keep frequently used tools and materials in open containers and relegate sparkles, spangles and fluff to their dedicated shelves and marked boxes.

Craft a plan
Organize your workroom around decorating solutions that do double duty without doubling the volume, too.

First things first: Anchor the room with a good-size, centrally located work station. John Boos’ stainless-steel table is the primary piece here. Its 40-inch height satisfies the crafter’s desire to stand or sit. Two accommodating storage pieces are placed on opposite walls, their surface areas maximized: Broyhill’s pantry cabinet supports a wooden catchall; a vintage unit touts a ribbon memo holder. Molding from New England Classic adds architectural charm, while also serving as an accommodating perch for finished projects.

Practical vs. Personal
Practical: Koko Co.’s easy-clean plastic mat lends spill coverage to Carpet One’s stain-resistant broadloom.

Personal: Paint-by-numbers found on eBay line up with cardboard masks from Creativity for Kids to make an inspiring gallery that can be rotated.

Practical: Furnishings on wheels make sense. Chiasso’s acrylic nesting tables and Romanoff Products’ plastic bins have rollers to ease relocation.

Personal: Night-owl crafters often crave “company.” LG Electronics’ wireless television has a handle on the back that makes toting a cinch.

Order, Please
Create dedicated “stations” to keep your craft materials in place.

How to Stay Organized
It’s simple, really. Assign each craft supply to its own container. Never mix items, and you’ll always maintain order. Beautiful “makings,” grouped by category, are stashed within sight. A revamped vintage wall shelf, dressed up with tiny shells that have been glue-gunned on, is just right for a treasure trove of ribbons, seam binding and thread.

A three-tiered wire basket from Peddler’s Home Design manages rubber stamps, making designs quickly identifiable.

A vintage double-decker table holds some basic crafts paints and adhesives, keeping bottles and cans upright.

Inexpensive canning jars offer a pretty way to view embellishments such as shells. Itemize jars with handwritten labels.

Ready, Set and Go
Managing the potential chaos of a work space is a challenge, so choose versatile pieces that can help with this task.

Seek balance between the inspiring materials that stay out for full viewing pleasure and those elements that go undercover. Doors and drawers, unlike open shelving and counter space, can be closed to help maintain a sense of order. But make sure that enclosed contents can be accessed immediately during a burst of creativity.

This old tobacco cabinet was freshened up and then embellished by Darlene Duggan, a Florida-based shop owner and crafter. Its wide sliding drawers are ideal for stowing crafting items, such as decorative papers and linens, that are best kept flat. Industrial wheels ease relocation. Bonus: a tape measure applied to the top shelf.

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