La Petite Lili ...

>> Usually I go to New Orleans to eat, but from now on I might have to go expressly to shop. Over the holidays I discovered a real diamond-in-the-rough kind of store -- a vintage boutique known as Lili. Laura Hourguettes, the store's owner, keeps a well-edited collection of everything from eel-skin clutches, snakeskin shoes, and slips to a bright red Carolina Herrera 60's empire-waisted dress that I saw when I was there. The person who tipped me off to the place said she saw a Chanel skirt in the store about a month ago.

Most items come from estate sales and are priced well under $100 -- I found a fantastic black fringe dress with a low back for $42. Miss Hourguettes restocks every Wednesday or Thursday, so many of her customers return weekly to check out the new wares, and she cleans and repairs the items before putting them up for sale -- everything I saw was in exquisite condition. I'm telling you, I was tempted to buy a plane ticket to New Orleans just to visit Lili again soon.

Lili Vintage Boutique
4514 Magazine Street
New Orleans

504. 891.9311

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Open Wed-Sat, 12-4 pm

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