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Hi ladies,
Sugarplums, I am currently on my knees, drowning in a puddle of guilty tears as I write. I just got a comment from Miss CeCe that made me feel like an unfit mother, the kind that leaves her kids with the in-house manny as I booze, panty-less and pallid-skinned, through a series of B-grade LA hotspots. Miss CeCe said that her wish for 2007 is “for my beauty godmommy to bless us with new and exciting posts much, much more frequently. We here at SYB would like…bi-weekly posts filled to the brim with that beautylicious advice that’s just like crack. After all, you are our pusher.” CeCe, I AM your pusher and I WISH I could give my girls bi-weekly posts! But lately I’ve been so swamped, slammed, and stressed that I’ve been catching myself misspelling my own name as I sign off emails (and it’s only three letters). Girls, my posts take research and thought and tons o’love. And the sad truth is, if I were to update twice a week, it would have to be a hasty, ill-prepared situation, and then you’d have entries that looked like this:

"Revlon’s Raisin Glaze Lipgloss is hot stuff. Try it!"

You know? That said, I hate to see wishes go un-granted, so I’ll try my damndest to shake my beauty with accelerated frequency in 2007! In the meantime, Head & Shoulders asked me to spread the word about their ultra-glam “Head-Turner of the Year” Contest! Check it out:

"If you think you’re the “Head Turner of the Year," then log onto headturninghair.com by January 31, 2007 to nominate yourself! Simply submit a recent photo and an original essay (50 words or less) on what makes you a head-turner. The grand prize winner will receive a three-day, two-night trip to New York City to participate in a photo shoot and makeover with some of the industry’s top fashion and beauty stylists. A photo layout will run in the June 2007 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine!!"

Yeah, you’re all head-turners, but even the most dazzling dimes have beauty questions…and mama’s here to answer them. Here are the top five most interesting questions of the past couple weeks. Take notes and pass it on!


PS: Who’s trembling with anticipation for J. Lo’s “Dance Life” on MTV? I could die. J. Lo is poised to be the “fame costs/and right here is where you start payin’/in sweat”-era Debbie Allen for a new generation.


SEXY LADY: Miss Monet
QUESTION: "What is that nail polish you're wearing in that photo?"
ANSWER: Lady Miss Monet's referring to the picture of me and Adam at New Year's Eve in my last post. Would it be too self-involved to admit that I was WAITING for someone to ask? For the past couple months, I've been heavily involved in a monogomous affair with ESSIE NAIL POLISH IN WICKED ($6.65). See, I decided I was too old to do the hardcore-trendy black nail polish thing, so I went for what I believe is an even sexier look--the "as-dark-as-a-red-can-be-without-being-black" shade. Wicked is exactly that. Almost noir, but still sex goddess scarlet. Yum.

SEXY LADY: No Sex in the City (funny, that was my name for several years)
QUESTION: "I'm a self proclaimed product expert, but I'm stumped on one thing

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