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Let the Speculation Begin ...

By Bag

Oscar noms were announced this morning, and while most people are discussing front runners, and potential Oscar winners...I'm thinking, "decent gown potential this year". Best actress noms went to Penelope Cruz, who has been hit or miss in the past, but lately very safe.

The rest of the nominees will also have people talking more about what they wore than what size it was, read: no lollipop girls...heck, 2 are dames, one is possibly a future Dame, and the last is arguably the best American actress ever.

Kate Winslet who always looks real, and perfect. She always dresses to flatter and is perfectly coiffed. Though I think her brows are a bit heavy for her hair lately, I'm sure she'll look great.

I thought Hellen Mirren was radiant at the Globes, she showed that you don't have to be 20 to be sexy, or dress like you're 20 either. Rounding out the Best Actresses are Dame Judi Dench, who also has been known to show that women past a certain age can be gorgeous, and Meryl Streep...will she wear fashion again, or just grab something from her closet?

In the Supporting category, Cate Blanchett never fails to wow me. She manages to wear the most impossible looking dresses and wear them well. To wit, her dress from the Globes which is really sort of a mullet dress...short in front, long in the back...but she makes it work (and she had the best shoes of the evening). I know she won't wear some boring ho-hum frock.

Jennifer Hudson hasn't much of a carpet record to speak of, her Globe dress was something only a super skinny girl should wear because on anyone over a size 2, it looks like you're hiding something...and she has a figure. Then again, even if she looks awful, she could belt out a few notes and who would care?

There seems to always be one junior nominee, and this year it's Abigail Breslin from Little Miss Sunshine.

She looked adorable at the Golden Globes, in a full skirted, crinolined dress and cardigan, and I have no doubt that she'll be in some version of the same.

Rinko Kikuchi, she of poodle lingerie, was also nominated and I'm dying to see if she plays safe after her nutty turn at the Globes, or if she'll go safe...I hope the latter.
79th Academy Awards airs Sunday February 25th. Save the date!

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