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Koneko, she of the ***Mostly* Beauty Diary**, mused last month on her male friends/coworkers' reactions to this season's midnight-hued nail polishes. (Koneko's polish of choice was Essie Wicked, a **favorite here**!) While women loved the color, the guys were less enthusiastic.

I've been sporting the dark nails, even in the office, for a few months now, from **Essie Wicked** to OPI Lincoln Park After Dark to Chanel Noir Ceramic. Koneko's post got me thinking about some of the reactions my own nails have provoked among the menfolk. Here, a few favorites, all from different people on separate instances:

"They're so dark and shiny. Can I touch them?" [feels nails] "Ooh, shiny and cold."

"Um, isn't that a Goth thing?"

"Wow, I guess it's not just a Goth thing anymore."

"Is this the thing now? Should I tell my girlfriend?"

"They're like little chocolate chips on the ends of your fingers." (My personal favorite)

Then there was my best friend's one year old son, who was completely fascinated by my Noir Ceramic-tipped fingers.

If you've bought in to the dark nail trend, what do the men in your life have to say about it? This is most amusing. Post your quotes in the comments!

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