I've Been Tagged and I'm Seriously Weird ...

Pan Dan can go 13 hours without peeing, Pink Mohair is obsessed with commercial airliners, Susan at Art Esprit has an internal age of 11. How would I know this? Well they have been tagged and have confessed all.
Pan Dan tagged me.

So OK here goes :
If this had been an actual physical game of tag I would not have been able to take part. When I was a kid I had to think of excuses not to play. It's that knowing something is going to happen but you don't know when. When playing Hide and Seek I would make myself visible so as not to be shocked.
I am afraid of balloons - they may go bang.
When I see chubby toddlers I want to nip their legs.
I can't stand anything that isn't straight - rugs, pictures, my laptop on the desk, anything really.

When I was pregnant I suffered with hemorroids and one day I accidently put toothpaste on them instead of Locan. The tubes were the same colour. You can't buy Locan anymore, maybe I wasn't the only one.
I eat kippers with strawberry jam and so do all my kids.
Sorry folks but I am tagging you:
Paris Breakfasts
Tongue in Cheek
Gypsy Purple
Crust Station

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