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Katie Holmes Goes Green with Jealousy ...

By popbytes

oh who doesn't love a little jealousy drama - this week's **STAR** magazine has their eyes on katie holmes who may be growing green with jealousy over jessica alba who is starring in an upcoming tom cruise production called 'the eye' (of xenu) but tom won't be on screen with ms. alba - he's only playing producer - so ms. holmes probably has nothing to worry about (at least not yet anyways) besides she's got fashion plans of her own...

there's two things i find kinda funny about this article...the first is the overall green color which is totally a hue of jealousy (at first i was all they're prepping for st. patrick's day but then i pieced two & two together...) next if you look closely at tom's left hand it looks like he's holding hands with ms. alba which i doubt has happened (someone correct me if i'm wrong?) upon first glance it looks like the three of them were together at some event but that's just the magic of a little program called photoshop! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

tom cruise's production company is hard at work on its newest movie, but tom's wife may want him to have nothing to do with it. that's because the film, a supernatural thriller called the eye, stars hottie jessica alba! "i wonder if katie's jealous of jessica and a little threatened by her," a source tells star. "i wouldn't be surprised if tom had a crush on jessica before katie ever came onto the scene. he's always admired her good looks and fantastic physique." and, some fans may remember reports that he tried to woo her back in 2005 - before settling on katie as his bride.

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