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Pop Nosh Britney Spears Ditches Rehab Again

By popbytes

britney spears is doing her rehab in small chunks of time - she has clocked in about 48 hours now!

here's a bunch of pictures of a bald chain smoking britney during her second attempt at rehab...

has kevin federline been the main driving force behind britney spears attempts at getting help?!?

maybe she left rehab to go & pick up some of the new cookies that have been modeled after her?

ok enough about britney...did anyone else watch diva diana ross on 'inside the actors studio'?

why do i love hollyscoop so much? yes it may have something to do w/ david beckham wednesdays!

even if things don't work out for antonella barba on 'american idol' she can always get naked...

it looks like most people agree with me...the top twelve idol guys sucked major ass last night!!!

is 'desperate housewife' eva longoria really a size zero? this season her show has been quite lame

finally james brown is going to get properly buried - i hope this doesn't happen to anna nicole...

chicago be warned: jessica simpson & john mayer have hit yr windy city! i can't stand this couple!

the cast for the new season of 'dancing w/ the stars' has been announced if anyone actually cares!

brody jenner is a total dumbass - he's all upset over his DETAILS interview being misrepresented

oh anytime there's new pictures of patrick dempsey i have to mention them - he's so damn fine!

happy day alert - gwen stefani confirmed that 'no doubt' will soon be back working in the studio!

elizabeth hurley's kids looks straight out of 'the omen' and his name is actually damian! yikes!

tori amos pretty good year**tori amos** 1000 oceans

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