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More Partying for Britney

By Wendy

Just STOP it already:

The newly bald Brit covered her self-shaved head this afternoon with a short blonde wig, a source tells me. My insider spotted the dethroned pop princess lounging at the pool at the Mondrian hotel with a group of “dancer-looking types.”

Spears was wearing a green cap and what looked like the dancer’s multicolored bikini top into which she infamously changed during a night of partying last weekend in NYC. "The bottom didn’t match," my source said. "It was pinkish."

At one point, Spears left her group and returned wearing an orange bikini. "It didn’t look so hot, and she was smoking cigarette after cigarette," my source says. "At first, I couldn’t believe it was her—but then I heard her speak."

Meanwhile, sources close to Spears tell me they’re worried she’s alienating everyone around her. "She’s going to have no one who cares about her," one said. "Even her security is getting fed up. She keeps running them around town until 4:30 in the morning."

Spears’ rep declined to comment. "There is no statement," the rep said in an email earlier this evening. "If and when there is, you will be copied."


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