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A Psychiatrists View on Britney Spears - its Self-punishment

By Wendy

BRITNEY is showing the classic symptoms of extreme stress — unable to regulate her behaviour or see properly what she is doing and becoming much more impulsive.

There may also be an element of publicity or attention-seeking. But it is more likely this is a reaction to the break-up of her marriage. A woman often mourns the death of a relationship by making herself unsexy.

It is also possible this has something to do with her childhood. Many girls are brought up to believe they should remain a virgin until they wed and then remain married.

Britney may feel she has failed and shaving her head is a sort of self-punishment.

After a relationship ends people usually sit at home, depressed, or they party — far more common for a performer like Britney.

It could be significant that she has been out with Paris Hilton — part of what passes for aristocracy in the US. Britney’s confidence is already dented and she may feel in even more awe than usual with Paris.

Disfiguring yourself because of guilt and self-dislike is relatively common. Perhaps, by shaving her head, as nuns do, she is symbolically ruling herself out for men.


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