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Anna Nicole Smith Timeline

By Gayla

A Chronicle of the 39-year-old Anna Nicole Smith’s life follows below

Nov. 28, 1967: Smith born as Vicki Lynn Hogan in Houston.

April 4, 1985: Smith marries fellow fast-food worker Billy Wayne Smith (they later separated in 1987 and divorced in 1993).

Jan. 22, 1986: Smith gives birth to son Daniel Wayne Smith.

1993: Smith named Playboy Playmate of the Year and signs contract to replace Claudia Schiffer as the official model of Guess clothing.

June 27, 1994: At age 26, Smith marries Texas billionaire J. Howard Marshall.
Aug. 4, 1995**: Marshall dies.
1995** - present: Smith battles Marshall’s family for a portion of his $1.6 billion estate. (Court documents)

2002 - 2004: The “Anna Nicole Show,” a reality series chronicling the often kooky Smith’s life, airs on VH1.

Oct. 2003: Smith becomes a spokesperson for the TrimSpa diet product, which she says helped her to lose 69 pounds.

May 1, 2006: U.S. Supreme Court rules that Smith should have the chance to pursue her claim on Marshall’s estate in federal court.

June 1, 2006: In a video message posted on her official Web site (currently overloaded), Smith announces she’s pregnant.

June 20, 2006: E. Pierce Marshall, son of J. Howard and Smith’s main opposition to the claim, dies.

Sept. 7, 2006: Smith gives birth to daughter Dannielynn Hope in Nassau, Bahamas.

Sept. 10, 2006: Smith’s 20-year-old son Daniel dies in Smith’s Bahamas hospital room.

Sept. 26, 2006: Lawyer/companion Howard K. Stern announces to Larry King that he is the father of Smith’s baby.

Sept. 28, 2006: Smith and Stern exchange vows in a “commitment ceremony.” People magazine reportedly pays $1 million for photos of the ceremony.

Nov. 2, 2006: Pathologists say more drugs than initially reported found in body of Daniel Smith.

Feb. 7, 2007: Judge orders Anna Nicole Smith to submit to paternity suit pressed by photographer and ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead.

Feb. 8, 2007: Anna Nicole Smith dies in Hollywood, Fla.

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