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Judge Orders DNA Testing in Anna Nicole Custody Battle

By steph

Larry Birkhead and Virgie Arthur arrived separately in the Bahamas on the afternoon of March 16 to attend a crucial court hearing in the ongoing fight for custody of Anna Nicole Smith’s 6-month old daughter, Dannielynn.

The judge will determine if Howard K Stern is required to submit to a paternity test, even though he is listed on the baby’s birth certificate as her father. It is Birkhead’s hope that the DNA testing will take place today.

Both Stern and Birkhead claim to be Dannielynn’s biological father.

Birkhead, 34, says that he’s anticipating a positive outcome to today’s hearing. “I’m hoping for the best,” he says. “I’m hoping for good news.”

He also says that he has confidence in the Bahamian court system. Birkhead arrived with his Bahamian lawyer, Emmrick Knowles, after his American attorney, Debra Opri, abruptly dropped Birkhead as a client.

Opri told Extra that she “had enough,” but that she “wishes Larry the best.” When asked about Opri’s decision, Birkhead declined comment.

In the meantime, Birkhead is preparing a nursery for Dannielynn. “It’s great,” he said, when asked how decorating was coming along.

And the saga continues.

UPDATE: Larry Birkhead confirms to that he got some good news

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