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John Stamos Makes a Fool of Himself

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John Stamos was basically kicked out of Australia after making an ass out of himself for two days straight on their public television. The Australian news reports:

Channel 9 was forced to cut short Stamos's media schedule ... after he went on a second tirade in two days, during an appearance on Kerri-Ann Kennerley's morning show yesterday. The former Full House heart-throb was obviously disorientated as Kennerley's guest as part of a promotional tour Down Under in which he has constantly appeared blurry-eyed, tired and dishevelled. "It was a bit like he'd perhaps come from a hotel mini-bar in true Hollywood style," a diplomatic Kennerley said. He reacted violently to claims he was bleary-eyed, staggering and slurring at an interview with TV writer Stephen Downie. Stamos, 38, went on the attack when Kennerley asked about his tired and emotional condition. After calling on Australia's Greek community to boycott The Daily Telegraph over his treatment, Stamos then turned on KAK herself, insulting the TV star's outfit and gyrating around with one of the studio props ... After his disastrous performance on morning TV, all other interviews were cancelled and Stamos was put on a plane back to the US.

John Stamos' official stance is that he was jet lagged, although sources say he appeared to be healthy the day he arrived when he was spotted at Sydney strip club Pure Platinum. Plus he was drunk. So, you know, the whole jet lag excuse isn't really necessary. Being drunk is enough, man, don't worry about it.

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