Paris Hilton to do Larry King ...


Paris Hilton to do Larry King ...
Paris Hilton to do Larry King ...

hey y'all! so this is the last weekend for paris hilton behind bars! this tuesday she'll be sprung from the slammer and the following day she'll be taking her story to larry king over on CNN - both NBC and ABC lost out on the opportunity to interview the heiress about her experiences under lock up - as well as what she plans to do with her life now that she's a 'changed' woman...i'll give her a chance for now to prove that she does intend to change her ways but i can't help but think she'll have a lot of difficulty avoiding pitfalls which could trap her back into her partying ways - after she speaks with mr. king i'd recommend to ms. hilton that she keeps a really low-key profile!

wednesday evening's interview is going to be a ratings goldmine for the cable news network - and i do really enjoy larry's interviews - i've already set my tivo! (his interview last week with kathy griffin was so funny - she's such a firecracker - i love her!) even if you can't stand paris (like most people) you have to admit that you'll be tuning in too! many thanks to david gilmore from **pretty on the outside** for sending over his latest hilarious illustration of paris with larry! right now i need to get back to playing my wii - i just picked up resident evil 4 - and it's great so far! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!


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