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Prince Harry Can't Stay out of Trouble ...

By Consuela

Prince Harry seems to be drinking his blues away after being told that he couldn't go to Iraq. He is currently training in Alberta, Canada, and enjoys the occasional off-duty drink. Last week he was photographed hugging and kissing several scantilly-clad waitresses at Calgary Cowbys, a bar known for offering its female workers breast enlargement surgery. One waitress, Cherie Cymbalis, pictured, spoke to Prince Harry.

"He was very forward and told me I was stunning. He was really interested in my tattoos and wanted to see them more closely," she said. "He leaned in to kiss me on both cheeks and then on the lips," she added. "He certainly didn’t mention anything about having a girlfriend. He sure didn’t act like he had one." According to the barmaid, Harry asked for her mobile number and sent a text arranging to come back when the bar closed.

Harry, 22, was reported to have asked another waitress whether she was wearing any underwear and declared: "I want to see all the beautiful girls."

Can't say that girlfriend Chelsy Davy is going to be too happy to hear about this one. Perhaps Prince Harry should at least discontinue the posing for photographers when he makes out with the ladies.

Source: Daily Mail

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