You've Lost Your Job, Now What?

By Vivette Swaby

Recently there have been a lot of job cuts caused by the down turn of the economy globally. Are you one of the causalities or you're fortunate enough to still have a jo? Having recently lost my job and am now on the job hunt has inspired me to write this article. I am now at a crossroads in my life. I have a son in high school, there are school books to purchase and bills to pay. Life must go on. How will I manage all this with no forseeing income?

Firstly, let me explore my own feelings. I really hated my job and wanted out. Was I ready to leave? The answer is no, I was hoping to at least find a job that I would love before leaving. Unfortunately, things happened in reverse. I am actually relieved that I no longer have to get up in the mornings to go to a job I had grown to hate. Hooray! for my emotional state. However, I do have financial obligations to meet. In addition to sending my son to school, buying groceries and paying bills, I also have school payments as I am currently pursuing my Master's in Counselling Psychology online.
How do I get through this?

First of all, I need to be positive as negative thoughts would encourage negative energies around me and that I really don't need.

Maintain my faith in God that he will see me throuugh as I believe that at any given point in our lives, we are where we are supposed to be and there is no problem or circumstance that is too big for God.

Now that I am at this point in my life, I need to explore what are my strengths and weaknesses, what do I really want to do wth my life and where do I want to go.

I definitely want to work in an "helping" environment as helping others to live fulfilled lives is a passion of mine.
Migration is also an option
Finding opportunities online where I can generate income is another option.

For starters I have three options so I have somewhere to start.

The point in all of this is that in life there will be ups and downs. Things will come at us unexpectedly, but what matters most of all is how we deal with them.

Is a job loss a good thing? No, but what matters is how it is dealt with. As one door closes, another opens, we just need to be mentally and emotionally ready to seek out new opportunities. At times it is a push to get us to do things that we have always been putting off.

New beginnings, here I come!

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