It's Not a Magical Moment when a Drunk Man Says He Loves You

By Annie

Men say that women's expectations of them - and of love and romance - aren't always realistic.


Then again, an alarmingly high number of women find their way to this blog through Google because they're holding on to a slim hope that a man's drunken declaration of love means something.

Well, does. Just not necessarily what you want it to mean.

Let's say that you're crazy for some guy, but you don't know how he feels about you. One night when he's drunk, he leans in and slurs those magical words, "I luuuurv you, babeeee."

At that moment, if you feel as though his declaration is the gift you've been waiting for, you CAN be pretty damn certain of something - your expectations of men, love, and romance are on the low side.

And you STILL won't know how he feels about you.

Sure. Alcohol can "lubricate" a guy's courage, allowing him to express his true feelings. On the other hand, it can also make him feel something in the moment that he doesn't feel the rest of the time.

Better, I say, to tune in carefully to how he treats you in general and, hopefully, how he communicates with you when he's sober.


You might be the woman with the slim hope for a man's drunken declaration of love.

Or, you might be the woman who could never imagine taking such a declaration seriously.

Personally, I heart a brave man. You know the one. He can look straight into your eyes, tell you in SOME recognizable way that he has strong feelings for you, and remember doing it the next day!

But there have been times when my expectations of men, love, and romance have been too low - and other times when they've been too high.

Now, I think, on the Scale of Women's Expectations for Men (ranging from too low to too high), I've been slowly moving closer to the realistic middle.

I'm pretty certain that's where I am on the scale now because it's been a long time since a man complained to me that my expectations were too high - or a girlfriend pointed out that my expectations were too low.


What kind of feedback do you get about your expectations for men?

And on that scale, would you put yourself at the too-low end, the too-high end, or somewhere in-between?

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