New Britney Spears Tracks Revealed!

This just in from World of Britney:

I’m Pablo, from Spain. Right now I’have finished my degree on publicity (I don’t know if there is something similar in the USA), and I have started working for the discography BMG/Ariola (Spain). On Monday we recived from BMG International a demo CD with 5 tracks from Britney Spears. We had to listen to it and then tell them if we thought they could work good in the Spanish/Latin market. The tracks where the next ones:

1. Rebellion (Produced by Scott Storch)

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The darkest song on the demo. We have liked a lot because it samplers Mozart’s Symphony 40 in G Minor in a string quartet form as an intro.Thedrums enters and then the new melody of the song starts making an interesting break between the previous fragment.

2. Flown Away (Produced by Mark Bell)

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This song is the most experimental one. It can not be compared with anything that Britney has done before. It is an electronic ballad that ends in up-tempo.

3. Love (in the Bahamas) (Produced by the Neptunes)

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This song is the best we find on the tape: With a Latin falvour, live instruments and a really catchy melody, Britney talks about a Summer Love.

4. Kiss Me All over (Produced by Sean Garrett)

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An R&B song that could fit perfectly in Beyonce’s track list. We haven’t liked a lot for Britney Spears.

5. Pull in (Produced by Sean Garrett)

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An up-tempo song with a rap part (still to be written) with great beats by Nate Hills and really hot lyrics.

That’s all. I hope you like the information.

Sounds like a good one!


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