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Shanna Moakler Posts Paris and Lindsay's Info ...

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Shanna Moakler posted Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan's contact information on her MySpace over the weekend, writing:

"I posted this blog back in January to let you all know that my accounts were hacked. ... and since there are 2 little girls with to much time on their hands and no one to love like to share my 'hacked' info as well. ive tried to disassociate myself from both these parties for some time now and like a fungus they wont go away." The posting then listed what she claimed were the e-mail address and phone number for Hilton and e-mail addresses for Lohan.

Paris' rep Elliot Mintz responded to the post, saying:

"This woman is simply desperate for press and attention. Shanna deliberately posted Paris's phone number and e-mail address on her Web site. It was an unprovoked invasion upon Paris's privacy, which immediately caused her to change her contact information. It was a childish, mean-spirited thing to do. And we are not going to dignify such an action with any additional comment."

Jesus, they're all children. I'm surprised they haven't started spreading rumors the others have cooties. They could run up to them, pinch them, and run away while yelling "Slut!" and come off sounding more mature. And just cause, here's Paris Hilton buying a parakeet dressed like she just busted out of prison.

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