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Dina Lohan's New Job Isn't Going Too Well

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ET hired Dina Lohan to troll the red carpet so they could get an exclusive with Lindsay Lohan. Dina thought she was the real deal and wandered over to Jane Fonda, who has in the past criticized the Lohans, for a quick interview. It didn’t go over so well. Page Six reports,

Lindsay’s co-star Jane Fonda was visibly disturbed when Dina asked her, “So, what was it like working with my daughter?” One witness said, “That was a stupid thing to do. Jane publicly criticized Lindsay’s behavior last year.” Fonda told “Access Hollywood” during filming: “Lindsay’s so young and she’s so alone out there in the world in terms of structure and, you know, people to nurture her.” After Dina’s first question to Fonda fell flat, Dina pressed on and asked, “It’s so hard for young stars today with the paparazzi and press - do you have any advice for my daughter?” Fonda - who the witness said seemed “taken aback and appalled not just by Dina being on the carpet but by the questions” - snapped, “If you screw it up now, you don’t get another chance!” and turned on her heel and walked off. A rep for Fonda said, “We kept all interviews short because the press line was long.”

Dina Lohan has the grace of an elephant riding a unicycle. Her qualifications to be on the red carpet include nothing. The closest she’s come to being a real celebrity is doing lines of coke off the bathroom floor at Hyde. Other than that, she’s just a normal mom. Normal moms try to convince their daughters to have a threesome with some guy they met at the bar, right? I think I read that in a parenting magazine.

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