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Brittany Hatch Interview

By ingrid

Starry Constellation Magazine has an interview with Brittany. Here’s what the eliminated contestant had to say:

Q) What previous modeling experience did you have prior to the show?

A) I really never had any modeling experience prior to the show. When I was about fourteen, my mother took me to New York and tried to get me to do it. Since I was fourteen and incredibly stubborn, I did not want to do anything that my mother wanted me to do.

Q) What did you see in yourself that would make you America’s Next Top Model?

A) My friend has been pushing me to model ever since I was younger. She told me she would never ever say a word about it again if I tried out for the show. I figured it was better than getting slapped upside the head every time someone said, “Oh my God, you should be a model!” So, I gave it a shot!

Q) What was your favorite part of your time in Australia?

A) I really liked when we went to the zoo. It was a lot of fun! Sydney is a gorgeous city and we got to go shopping. The zoo was just absolutely fantastic. We got to go inside the cage with the koalas and that was very interesting!

For the full interview, click here.

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