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Tabloids Accuse Toby Maguire amp Leonardo DiCaprio of a Gay Affair

By steph

The supermarket scandal sheets will go to amazing lengths to try to “out” even the straightest Hollywood stars, a new tell-all on the tabloid biz reveals.

That’s the assignment freelance writer Marlise Elizabeth Kast got when editors at Globe asked her to check out their bizarre suspicions that longtime friends Tobey Maguire, whose “Spider-Man 3,” opens Friday, and Leonardo DiCaprio, star of “Blood Diamond,” were lovers.

In “Tabloid Prodigy,” out this month from Running Press, Kast writes how she tracked down Maguire’s mother, Wendy, a secretary, and “told her that I was working on an article for a gay pride magazine about sexual expression among Hollywood stars. I asked her if she’d be willing to share any thoughts about her son’s close bond with Leonardo.”

Wendy Maguire responded to Kast, “I figured this subject would come up sooner or later . . . Those two are just free-spirited guys. Most of the friends they hang around with are gay. They’re comfortable with that. But I think Leo and Tobey are the crossover between men and women. They have feminine traits they are willing to accept. They aren’t ashamed to have any sort of title, even if that means someone calling them gay.”

Kast continues, “Wendy continued to recount her liberal views, divulging details of how the two friends ’shared a bed and wore ribbons in their hair.’ ” While Kast wasn’t about to claim the stars were gay, “Wendy had provided exactly what the editors wanted - insinuations.”

Maguire’s rep, Kelly Bush, said, “This is so ridiculous I don’t feel the need to respond.” DiCaprio’s rep, Ken Sunshine, said, “It’s completely made up and untrue.”

Both heartthrobs have bedded their share of beautiful women. DiCaprio is dating Israeli bombshell Bar Refaeli and had a long relationship with Gisele Bundchen. Maguire dated his “Spider-Man” co-star Kirsten Dunst and has a son with his girlfriend, Jennifer Meyer. They were also members with David Blaine and Lukas Haas of the notorious “P - - - y Posse” that trawled Manhattan nightclubs for hot babes in the mid-1990s.


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