Lindsay Lohan and Calum Best Fight It out ...


Lindsay Lohan and Calum Best Fight It out ...
Lindsay Lohan and Calum Best Fight It out ...

Lindsay Lohan and Calum Best got into a huge fight at the Soho Grand Monday night after Lindsay accused him of cheating on her. The two started screaming at each other in the penthouse and then somehow ended up in the lobby. A source says:

"Calum's clothes were torn, and after a few minutes, they got back into the elevator and went back to their room," said one onlooker. Lohan seemed unfazed by reports of her British beau canoodling with another girl in the islands Friday night - but Best's raunchy behavior at Cipriani Downtown on Sunday might have sent her over the edge. Our spies saw Best "collecting numbers from all the models" every time Lohan's back was turned.

Additionally, last week a room-service staffer claims he saw Calum in bed with another girl when he was asked to restock their minibar around 4 am.

According to our source, Best had his shirt off and the girl was on the bed when the urgent delivery of little booze bottles arrived. Best is said to have invited the room-service guy to grab a tip from a pile of cash, saying: "It's Lindsay's money. I don't care."

This guy sounds great. Another winner for Lindsay. Seriously though, how does she end up with these guys? The only way she could be any more self destructive in her relationships is if she started dating land mines.

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