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Selma's 30 Day Rehab Stint

By Leisa

Selma Blair has just finished a secret 30-day stint in rehab for substance abuse.

According to US reports, Selma has had an addiction problem for some time, but her drug abuse escalated rapidly after her divorce from husband Ahmet Zappa last November.

While Selma, 34, managed to hide her drug problems in public, friends and family became increasingly concerned about her. In March she realised she'd lost control of her life and entered the Promises Treatment Center in Malibu.

"Selma finally admitted to herself that she had a problem and made up her mind to take care of it," an insider says.

Despite the coverage the facility received when Britney Spears was a resident early this year, Selma managed to keep her stay at Promises low-key. And unlike the troubled pop singer, the Legally Blonde star seems to have absorbed some valuable lessons in rehab.

"She embraced what she learned at Promises and distinguished herself as a model patient," says a source. "She's anxious to get back to work and pursue a healthy and drug-free lifestyle."

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