Larry is the Father of Anna Nicole's Baby

Finally...the identity of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter Dannielynn has been confirmed to be Larry Birkhead. "I hate to be the one who told you this, but I told you so. I'm the father," Birkhead told reporters outside the Bahamas courthouse where a hearing was held this afternoon. "Thank you for your support. Thank you for the people who got me this far. Thank you very much. My baby's gonna be coming home pretty soon... I think she would be proud I fought," the photographer said of former girlfriend Smith. Howard K. Stern also made a statement to the press, saying, "I am obviously very disappointed... I am not going to fight Larry Birkhead for custody. I will do everything I can to make sure he gets sole custody." Smith's longtime lawyer and companion added that he'd like the custody transition to be "gradual" so Dannielynn can adjust. To confuse things further in the seemingly endless case, no ruling has been made on the issue of custody. Birkhead's attorney told press, "We'll be back in court on Friday in the afternoon. We've got some other issues to deal with. [The judge] hadn't made any ruling about custody yet."

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