IPhone How do I Love Thee?

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On Christmas morning there was one gift left. It was for me. I was a bit surprised as I had already been sufficiently spoiled by all in attendance. I opened the box and looked inside. An iPhonewas resting there, gentle and content. Oh, how my heart skipped. I jumped up, still in my pajamas and announced to the 9 family members around me that I would be back momentarily. I had an iPhone and I loved it so much that I just had to be alone.

Actually, what I really said was, "I'm going to take this behind the middle school and get it pregnant." Yes, I stole that line from Tracy Morgan, but damn, I really loved it.

I still do.

The iPhone is sleek and stylish. It is compact and powerful. It is a laptop in your pocket. I'm writing this post on it right now. In a park. That is what the kids call a tax write-off. I'm also using it to listen to Seu Jorge on the built in iPod. When I'm done here I might watch a movie. I rented some flicks off of iTunes and I purchased Season 1 of MTV's classic sketch comedy show "The State."

I won't. I don't want to show off, plus I have kids to play with. I promised them Daddy would be "it" as soon as I was done writing this love letter. Yes, that's exactly what it is.

Now excuse me, I have a phone call.
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