Inky Circus Science Parade


Inky Circus Science Parade
Inky Circus Science Parade

Your weekly dose of science (or at least what WE call science) brought to you by the ladies of inkycircus.

Some solid science news and tidbits that you can work at the pub or the watercooler to your immense and fast-growing popularity:

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Get this, the humble, and poorly named, scaley lizard that goes by Skink? Not only is the baby skink about ONE THIRD the size of its mom, but to add insult to injury, the growing skinklet squishes asides all her organs (like lungs and instestines) to the point that she can barely breathe and move. Respect, man. Total respect


Scientists land a 10 meter long giant squid after 10 hours of gruelling work. That's an extra door length longer than a London bus. Further respect to mother nature


Plus, a Japanese whaling ship catches fire near the Arctic, severely maiming the country's "scientific whaling expedition" capabilities. What goes wrong when you don't respect nature


A fun thought experiment to fuel many a raging cocktail party discussion: "Could heaven lie beyond a black hole? Discuss." The answer, it seems, is yes, but only if we assume that the Pope goes to heaven, and his papal soul can't escape from it. Then yes, it does appear that


And finally, did you know that Viagra saved a premature baby this week and botox is being used to fix menstrual cramps, obesity, migraines, speech disorders, club foot, incontinence, AND excessive sweating? Yup. That's right. Just a couple examples of those swiss army knives of blockbuster drugs that big pharma's rocking.

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