Asia Same but Different


Asia Same but Different
Asia Same but Different

Particularly when you travel to countries within the same region (East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia), you’ll sights, food and local behavior that is shared among the different countries. They may have some local twist or flavor to spring rolls, for example, but it’s basically the same. Different localities would adorn their temples and other places of worship differently, but the habits and traditions are quite similar.

Hyo, traveling across the countries along the Mekong River, phrases it jocularly, but they’re quite true:

The locals will reassure that each song you’ll hear is a different one, but how can you tell if it all sounds so similar. You can do as the locals do and sing along with it or you get to appreciate the local beers such as Tsing Tao in China, Tiger Beer in Vietnam, Angkor Beer in Cambodia, Beerlao in Laos and Singha Beer in Thailand. While you sip from your beer you think it’s the same local pop music, different beer to make it almost bearable.

That’s just about the music. Go read his “Same… different” travelogue entry and see what he says about food, temples, markets and bargaining in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

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