Pet Carrier IPod Boombox


Pet Carrier IPod Boombox
Pet Carrier IPod Boombox

Rejoice puppy owners! Now your cute teacup poodle can groove to the music on your iPod thanks to Lifepod's Beat Generation Stereo Pet Carrier. The fashionable pet-carrier hooks up to any iPod, MP3 player, DVD and even your laptop so you can listen to music or audio books without headphones. The carrier was given to Oscar attendees last week at the Roosevelt Hotel, so expect to see celebrities promoting their next album at the airport.

From the Press Release:

Lifepop's Stereo Pet Carrier created excited squeals of laughter, fun and disbelief from the celebrities as they learned that the large, roomy and very fashionable pet carriers have a built-in stereo and speaker system that hooks up to any iPod, MP3, DVD, CD, PSP player – even a laptop – to hear your music without being confined to the secluded world of headphones. You can travel with your dog, cat, etc. in style and leave Beethoven playing softly for Fluffy or you can rock out while Fluffy is running around the park. It is also multi-functional as a roomy airplane carry-on to hold all your essentials (with or without Fluffy) or as a gym tote with two sides of ventilation with a fully zippered ventilated top, and work out to your own yoga meditation or music on the road.

Lifepop creates fashion-forward accessories that are recognized as a successful hybrid of fashion, music and technology–creating its own divergent product category unlike no other. Lifepop's goal is to bring portable audio devices alive: to make a statement, create an attitude and the freedom for personal expression–without the headphones (and with Fluffy too.)

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