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Off to Asia Again

By Ruth

Like Grace and Maricar of Filipina Soul, I’m off to the Philippines. Like them, I’ll have my kid in tow: a four-year old, who has hopefully gotten used to the idea of long-haul flights (this will be his 4th time to fly this stretch, although we’ve used different airlines and routes in the past).

Unlike Grace and Maricar, however, I have less-than-merry reasons for traveling. I’ll be visiting my Dad, whose health has gotten worse since my last visit. Although I do expect to see Manila, Laguna, and possibly other neighboring provinces like the last time, my time will most likely be spent reconnecting with my Dad and the rest of the family. Hm, puts a whole new twist to the term “family travel”, doesn’t it?

As I’m sure anyone can understand, posting in this blog will be a bit irregular in the next few weeks. I apologize in advance, but I promise to bring more of Asia to you when I get back. After all, –and to end this post on a positive note– not long from now, I might even be blogging in situ (more on that later!).

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