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Brain Powered Gaming?

By Cat

A company, Emotiv Systems, has come out with an EEG cap that could enhance your gaming experience. Not only can it sense your mood (excited vs. calm) but it can also be trained to read your "brain power" and graphically move things.

Apparently you spend 10 mins. or so training the system to your motives and then you have the ability to move 3D objects on the screen with simple skills like push, pull, rotate and other choices.

They are working to advance this and have released the project to other companies saying that this would give the EEG cap and the software to them for further development. These companies can now purchase the electro-encephalograph (EEG) caps and software developer's tool kits for this purpose.

Sounds like it's certainly getting advanced when it comes to gaming and other electronic advances that are happening. Here's more detail about the cap:

Emotiv’s electro-encephalograph cap: Each small circle on thecap is a sensor that measures the electrical activity at the scalpgenerated by brain activity and facial movements. The information iswirelessly transmitted to a computer, where software uses it to letpeople mentally interact with video games.
(Credit: Lewis PR and Emotiv Systems)

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