In Those Jeans ...


In Those Jeans ...
In Those Jeans ...

Sexy, eye catching denim vests are a favorite this minute. I like this one by J Lo because of it's halter look, crazy pockets, and the position of the seams and buttons.

Hey Ya'll!

It's me talking about my favorite fashion trends again. Remember when denim was everywhere? Hats, shoes, handbags, dresses, even furniture? Well, I believe it's back. The jean vest, jean dress, and jean purse, it's all popping again. It's crazy now because the superthin and superwide jeans are the must-haves. It's also great though, because it adds major variety to your wardrobe. Certain tops look best with skinny jeans, some with wide. Heels with both types will always lengthen the leg and slim you up a little bit.

These are the right this minute popular skinny jeans by Miss Sixty.

I am a little scared of the ultra skinny jeans. They don't work well with us pear shapes, unless you find that perfect top to camouflage our hips. I'm afraid of the stumpy look, but if you're comfortable, that's always what matters most. I never say, 'what was that person thinking with that outfit?' Especially if they look confident and at ease with themselves. Negative attention is drawn to yourself when you look like you're having some sort of difficulty with yourself.

Back to the jeans. You can do so much with it. Jazz it up with gold and silver metallics. Denim vests with gauchos and wedges, jean dresses with leather belts and boots for the western look, and the handbags. Sea Agradable.

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