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I hope you all had a great new year!!!

A big winter trend has been corsets. Corsets were first used to give women a more 'feminine' shape and was a woman's duty to wear them. Now we choose to wear them for fashion. Corsets can be embellished for outerwear or plain to wear as an undergarment.

With everyone trying to show a slimmer waist, a corset fits right in with waist management trends. Unlike the Victorian days when corsets shifted your bones, today's corsets are comfortable while still providing cleavage and helping your posture.

While browsing the internet, I came across They have a big variety of styles from Victorian era styles to lingerie.

Me Despido Por Ahora

Satin Corset

Regal Brocade Corset

Satin Corset

Product of the Week:

The product of the week is Motions Moisture Plus-After Shampoo Conditoner. This is product that I used to use a few years ago, but have strayed. I was regularly using my beloved Pantene Relaxed and Natural conditioner, but they were out at Walmart. I started to browse the 'ethnic hair care' section, and found Motions products. I decided to get it. I shampooed my hair and left the conditioner in for about 30 minutes. My hair had never been so soft!!! I will be sticking with this for awhile.

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