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By Lori

Jeans for tall girls, jeans for short girls; with so many options out there why is it still so hard to find the right length of jeans?

Celebrities seem to have no problem. You never see tall girl Uma Thurman in floodwater jeans, even though she stands at a cool 6’. And adorable Eva Longoria, short as she is, is never seen standing in a puddle of excess denim (although she has been accused of using safety pins for a quick length fix).

Besides having stylists (and probably personal tailors) how do they do it? The answer is simple, they know which brands make the right lengths for them, and they know what shoes to wear to make up the difference.

To find the right length for you, start by measuring your inseam. Over all height is no clear indication of your inseam. Some tall girls have short legs and some short girls have legs that are extra long.

After you’ve got your inseam measurement, consider the style of jeans and the type of shoes that you are going to wear with them (check out our perfect length guide). You can do some fancy math; adding leg length to heel height and subtracting for wearing preference and weather conditions, or you can just get someone to measure you with your shoes on.

Once you have the inseam measurement, finding the right length should be a breeze. Most brands offer at least two length options and some, like Gap and Wrangler, offer up to 5!

On zafu, you can filter jeans by length to see who offers options. And remember, shop around, not every store offers all the lengths that are available in a brand. If you are really hard to fit, online shopping will give you the best length choices and the greatest availability.

Brands that offer short lengths:
Not Your Daughter’s Jeans
Brands that offer long lengths:
Chip and Pepper
Citizen's Of Humanity
Joe's Jeans
Old Navy

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