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Denim Overalls the Next Big Trend ...

By Lori

Denim overalls? That’s right, that 80’s classic is back for Spring 2007. Don’t get me wrong, denim overalls are extremely cute on little people, (my children wore them all the time when they were babies) and they do have a place as a work uniform in some professions; I am just afraid to see them reappear in the fashion magazines. This is a whole series of fashion "don’ts" waiting to happen.

Chip and Pepper Juan Deere Overalls

Have you ever seen any woman look good in denim overalls? Even for pregnant women, where they are offered as a wardrobe staple, they look bad and they are a bad idea (ever have to get those things off in a hurry?)

Designers are showing denim overalls that range from short skirts with classic bib styles to premium jeans with barely more that denim suspenders attached. I’m sorry, but the denim overall trend is one that I hope most people will pass up...even if they are by Seven jeans.

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