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I Need Jeans for Long Legs ...

By Lori

**Q.**I am really skinny with long legs. It seems like when I find jeans that fit my body they are way too short. Then, if I get the right length for my long legs, they are just way too big around. What can I do?

A. Well, I have good news and bad news for you:

The bad news: In the world of retail fashion there are some misconceptions about the relation of size and length. When our "modern" sizing system was developed (I use modern very loosely, it’s over 65 years old) it was standard practice to change the proportions of clothing evenly over the entire garment. Hence, when a pair of pants got smaller around, it also got shorter. Although most manufacturers have realized that thinner people aren’t always shorter and larger people don’t always have long legs, they have been slow to change from their established practices.

One more factor that’s working against you is that the average woman in the U.S. is only 5”4” tall. This is a compelling argument for retailers to offer shorter jeans more often than jeans for longer legs, leaving you out in the cold again.

The good news: You are built like a fashion model (hopefully a healthy one)! Enjoy being thin with super long legs! Many of the top designer jean brands are built just for you. Both Chip and Pepper and Rock & Republic offer jeans in inseam lengths up to 37".

If your budget isn’t as extensive as your legs; try a.n.a. jeans at JC Penney, they come as long as 36 ½", or Wrangler jeans, you can get a 38" inseam from them.

Go to the zafufit finder to first find jeans that will fit your shape then filter for long lengths. You’ll be surprised at how many options there really are for you once you know where to look.

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