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I Think Ronald Mcdonald Should Retire

By popbytes

oh my goodness - i cannot believe i'm about to do a post on ronald mcdonald but here goes - i do like to keep things random around these parts (tonight it was between this & mariah carey launching her fragrance which i already saw posted about in plenty of places) if you told me last week that i'd soon be posting about mr. mcdonald - i would've thought you were nuts! i recently came across these pictures of ronald making an appearance at the camp ronald mcdonald 15th annual family halloween carnival which is for a great cause along with those ronald mcdonald house charities - but oh my word - he's so damn freakin' spooky!

i'll be the first to admit that i love going to mcdonalds - i hit up the one on highland & hollywood on a regular basis! i especially have a super weak spot for those oh so tasty breakfast sandwiches - i'm so holding out for the day when the breakfast menu will be served all day long! (i bet britney spears feels the same exact way!) yet as much as i do go to the fast food chain - i never really think about their mascot all that much - so when i saw the pics posted below - i was all 'oh my gosh - he's so creepy!' at first i came to the conclusion that he needs to be taken out but then i thought it'd be a perfect ending if he just retired - it's so time to hang up the red wig & white face!

i'm not one of those people who is freaked out by clowns (a lot of people are seriously spooked) but would you want to your car to be broken down on a lonely highway to then be greeted by somebody dressed in that yellow & red suit - i don't think so - i'd have a heart attack on the spot! however i do know there's a lot of great work being done in his name (oh i'm walking the balance beam tonight) but i just think he doesn't need to make anymore public appearances! they should stick to pimping out grimace & hamburglar! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

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