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Tom Paid Katie 600 Million to Be His Wife??

By popbytes

good evening! the latest issue of **national enquirer** is all about tomkat - they're claiming the 'secret deal' made between tom cruise and katie holmes is worth a whooping $600 million dollars - that's a shit load of money - heck i'd have tom's baby and live in his beverly hills castle under lock and key - heck where do i sign up?!? i usually hate being cynical but if were to pick one hollywood couple destined to fail - it would have to be mr. cruise & ms. holmes - i just don't feel them as a real couple at all (unlike brangelina who i think were destined for each other!) i really can't wait to see how katie's upcoming film mad money is received both critically & commercially - it'll be so odd to see her back doing the whole acting thing - she has been playing a 'stepford wife' for what seems like ages! (here's a popbytes flashback for video entitled katie holmes is not dead)

in other cover features we've got kirstie alley supposedly dropping thirty pounds practically overnight - does jenny craig work that fast? i don't think so but in the picture featured - she looks great - however she did lose the weight - it was done right! i still think (although i've always been skinny - so i can't talk much) that the key to losing weight is simply exercising & eating right - but i suppose we all need a little help sometimes! (hello star jones!)

finally what's up with the whole christina applegate gay wedding?!? i can't for the life of me figure out what that story is all about? i know she was recently spotted out making out with her ex-husband jonathan schaech - and i'v been enjoying her hit series samantha who? - i'm very curious to read that scoop - there's also more on duane 'dog' chapman which i'm finding to be an icky story overall - totally not the type of thing i like to write about here on popbytes - i like to keep things light & fun around here as much as possible! i'm over & out for now...xxoo!

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