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Did Angelina Jolie Have a Miscarriage?

By popbytes

good evening boys & girls! below is the latest cover of **national enquirer** which is back to ragging on my angelina jolie after taking a break last week by featuring tom cruise & katie holmes (i find that story to be a lot more interesting) this time around they're claiming angelina lost a baby - plus her weight is still diminishing as she's still in a depressed state of mind - there were rumors a few months ago that she was pregnant again but i doubt she is - either she wasn't preggers at all or perhaps she had a miscarriage which is obviously a very personal & private issue - right now i think their family is a decent size but i'm sure we'll be seeing more kids added to the jolie-pitt clan by adoption or plain ol' human nature!

my martha stewart also nabbed a spot on the cover - who supposedly collapsed after dealing with some kind of family tragedy - i hope everything is ok with ms. stewart - i know a lot of people don't care for her very much but she just trips me out - i'd go hang out with her anytime! there's also a lot featured up front concerning that missing girl - her way older hubby drew peterson isn't acting right - i hate to jump to conclusions but she's probably dead - and he probably killed her! too bad nancy grace isn't feeling so hot at the moment - this is the type of stories that lady lives for - she'd be totally all over this one! i'm not following the details all that much - it's too depressing but i hope the truth comes out about what really happened to stacy peterson! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

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