Husbands:) Which Ones Are the Right Ones ...

**By Debra Davis **
How can you tell the right husband from the wrong one. Well basically you can't. But you can do something to get an idea of how one has been so far. You can get info from his family (which they will lie to get one to date him) or you can do a background check. I sure wish I had done that with my second husband (man, did he turn out to be a joke). He was a good husband at first. Then when our first daughter was born, he wouldn't help too much. No changing diapers, he stayed up with her when she was colicy. He was up late at night anyway. And he changed jobs like his underwear.

We were married for nine years. Then he decided that he wanted my job. An at home mom (dad). He got that wrong too. You see he quit his $900 bring home every week job and wanted me to go to work. I was bringing home $4oo every two weeks. We were used to having the bills paid and money left over. NOT WITH MY CHECK! I only had enough to pay 1 bill and get a few (very few) groceries. And to top it off he stayed up at nite, I worked third shift. I had to stay up when i got home to watch our two year old while he was in the bed sleeping. After two weeks of that me and our two girls were gone. I had had enough of it and he couldn't figure out why we had left.

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