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How Would You Draft Your Prenup?

By Mabelle

Here's a really interesting article from It lists down some of the oddest clauses that a real-life matrimonial lawyer has drafted for his clients.

1 First, There's a Couple Who Will not Have Sex - Ever - Unless "each Party Has Lost a Specified Amount of Weight"

Sounds like nobody's wrestling in bed unless 20 crutches are finished - and by that time - all you'll ever want to do is sleep - so **you'll never have sex - ever! **Lol.

2 Next, There Are chore Clauses Which Specify Whether the Husband or the Wife is Responsible for Tasks like Taking out the Trash or Feeding the Dog

Hmmm, is this something that I should include in my prenup or what?

3 There Are Also Couples Who Impose a **no-smoking Ban **in the House - despite the Fact That One of Them Has Asthma!

Isn't this supposed to be a given? If your partner has asthma, why the hell would you s**moke in the house**? And do you even need to bother including such a clause in your prenup?

4 There Are infidelity Clauses Made by Wealthy Husbands-to-be, Which Goes like This: "if I Cheat on You and the Marriage Breaks up, You Get X Amount. if You Cheat on Me, You Get a Lot Less. and Forget the House."

Two words: **Double standard! **

If I ever have to include such stupid things on my prenup, I would really think twice about marrying my guy. All that legal stuff just takes all the fun out of your marriage - and it seems as if you can't trust each other - so why bother **tying the knot? **

Photo Credit: Jodom Legal Video

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