Ho, Ho, Horrible: the Worst in Holiday Attire ...

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The holidays are a time of cheer, giving, snow, miracles, and all of that good stuff. However with the good always comes the bad. The bad can be anything from your drunken uncle singing "jingle bells" at the top of his lungs or your senile great aunt trying to name off all of Santa's reindeers. Those bad holiday moments are things that I can handle. What I can't handle is bad holiday fashion. Here are the top 8 holiday style fouls that hopefully no one reading this blog has ever committed.

**The holiday sweater: **Perhaps the deadliest of holiday sins! I believe people wear these sweaters to express how much they love the holidays. I know it can be hard to express love but a sweater isn't the answer. Try eating a candy cane instead.
The holiday broach: **While the broach is a lot less extreme than say a holiday sweater, a tacky holiday broach can ruin what was a perfectly good outfit.

**The Santa hat: **These hats should only be allowed on one class of people; people who are being paid to look like Santa. Paid is the key word here.
Holiday ties: **When you wear a tie you are telling the world "Its business time." When you wear a holiday tie you are telling the world "I don't want a holiday bonus this year."
Ornament earrings: **Save the ornaments for the tree sweetie, these earrings are always a bad idea.
Napoleon Dynamite boots: **Baby, I know it's cold outside but looking like a 1980's reject is never a good look.
Jingle bell jewelry:** Because no one wants to hear you "jingle" before you walk into a room.

Holiday shoes: These shoes just break my heart. If you own a pair of shoes like these you may as well give up now and go join the circus.
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