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If you don't know that Tom Ford is the designer who's solely responsible for transforming **Gucci **from a ho-humm luxury Italian brand into a rockin' billion dollar empire, you're probably living under a rock for the past 15 years.

Today's times are tough – so when Tom Ford left, **Frida Ginanni **had to fill his enormous shoes – and she's done a great job so far.

There are no surprises for her **Gucci Spring 2009 collection **from the Milan Fashion Week – let's see if majority of the pieces are worth raving about:

The opening salvo of the show is this pale-blue, unmistakable Gucci suit with a colorful underlying shirt and a fedora straw hat.

This itty-bitty Gucci bikini does not just rhyme – it's the perfect suit to wear for the ultimate beach babe!

If you’re a big Gucci fan – that sultry knit blue top is something that you'd definitely die to have – and the printed pair of pants is the perfect match.

We'll get to see a lot of "Frida" pants in the collection – and the blue hues in this ensemble are so refreshing!

Who said that red is a hue which is only for killer dresses? Take power dressing to the next level with this bloody red Gucci suit – and I love the blue shirt as contrast!

"Gucci exotica" is the theme of Frida Giannini's runway show – and this sultry one-piece, V-neck frock is the ultimate reflection of the theme.

The colors of spring has never looked more high-fashion than in this fab printed frock.

First of all, I'm sure that this carry-all bag will be a huge hit next season – and when you have this Gucci suit to match – how can you even complain about anything?

I love the silhouette of this ultra-feminine, short dress.

This is one ensemble I gotta have – I love the shorts, the jacket, the underlying shirt – everything!

When you mention the brand Gucci, an ultra-stylish number like this is basically what it's all about!

This one-piece jumpsuit is casual enough to be worn during the day, but it also can be dressed up for a night out.

Loyalists of the brand will not be disappointed when they see this jacket-and-short combo – it's the ultimate casual Gucci outfit!

Look like a stylish, modern Greek goddess in this one-shouldered printed frock.

This leather Gucci jacket is something that most women would die to have. It would look great when paired with slim pants or a short skirt, such as the one shown in the pic.

This is Gucci glam royalty in all its delicious detail.

Another winner for me is this oh-so-fab suit from the Gucci Spring 2009 collection.

The highlight of the evening is the dimming of the lights to showcase the more formal Gucci items for the collection – starting with this filmy, billowing blue dress.

This draped jersey dress has a lovely color that will make even the feminists sigh in pleasure.

Our final pick from the Gucci collection is this striped bluish dress which has an open shoulder – the silhouette is really nice and it'll make you feel like the ultimate diva when you're wearing it!

At the end of the day, the collection is almost like a reminiscing or revival of all the signature Gucci pieces that we've loved over the years – simply because they have a clientele that they wouldn't want to disappoint, fashion-wise.

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