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Glow Fusion - Almost the Perfect Tanning Spray Gun

By Christina

This is Fusion Beauty’s GlowFusion spray tanner. Yes, I am back in tanning mode after taking a little time off for winter. I have lusted for this since last year when it came out, and finally sprung for it. This puppy is a cool $175 (at Sephora), but overall, it is money well spent. What do I like so much about it that makes it worth that kind of money, you might ask? Well, first and foremost, it is cordless and rechargable. I really would not have appreciated this so much if I hadn’t been using a sprayer with a cord, and a large hose attached to the air compressor for so long - but I have, and *boy* do I appreciate it! Also, this unit is not drippy and leaky, like the one I have used for the last couple of years. The spray mist is fine enough, but not so fine that it takes forever to spray on your tan.

Ok, what don’t I like? Yep, there are some things I don’t particularly care for. This unit is all plastic, and to me this feels like it isn’t going to last a terribly long time. I might be totally wrong here, only time will tell. I have been using this one for nearly a month, and its doing a great job, but it will take a whole lot more than one month for me to get my money’s worth out of it. I also cannot spray upside down, which makes it a little harder than it has to be to reach my back side (I mean my back…lol). But thats ok - my last gun, if I turned it upside down, it would spray, but I would get all those drips running down my hand and arm, so I didn’t spray upside down anyway. Also, I really don’t like Fusion’s tanning solution. I can’t tell where it really tans me much at all. I could use it every day if I needed to because it is so convenient, but who has time for all that. I like to tan once or twice a week. Now, their tanning solution does smell good! But, I think it smells good because it doesn’t have much DHA in it. It does have lots of yummy cocoa scent though - I smell like a big candy bar when I spray it on. But, food smells are not my favorite scents, I would rather have a tan and smell like self tanner, honestly.

So, I am still using my O2 tanning solution from O2 Cosmetics - I love it, and it works perfectly in this gun. Are any of you into spray tanning at home? If not, you should be. You save a lot of money, a lot of time, and, well, I think the tan is better than what you can get out of a lotion. Although I admit, I still use lotions too - I just have such a fetish for trying new things.

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