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steph - Free IPhones IPods and Other Goodies - Free IPhones IPods and Other Goodies

I wanted to inform you guys about riottt.comand the rad promo they’ve got going on now. Basically you’ve got the traffic, they’ve got the prizes!

The deal is the top 5 people who refer the most people to register to RIOTTT.comwin an iPhone! Riottt is an awesome site as well, with their blog community lead by pioneers in art, music, and culture, exclusive video content and features. is giving away not only iPhones, but iPods, Shuffles, and iTunes credits. This is the break down of how things work for the promotion:

**Top 5 referrers - iPhones
Next 5 referrers - 30G iPods
Follow 10 referrers - iPod Shuffles **

**Every 10 referrals you obtain earns you 5 iTunes credits..woohoo! **
Also everyone that registers gets 1 free iTunes credit…one song for your listening pleasure.

You can get all info and also digital postcards to link to the promo here:

Registering for RIOTTT (always free) gives you unlimited access to videos, features, reviews, interviews, blogs, music, contests, and you also become a member of a new online community that’s all about participation, interaction, and collaboration.

What are you waiting for?!

Make sure regardless to check out www.riottt.comand enjoy!

(courtesy of WiredSet)

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