7 Frugal Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know ...


7 Frugal Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know ...
7 Frugal Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know ...
Maintaining a good appearance, attempting to get perfect flawless skin, and silky hair can be expensive however it doesn’t always have to be. There are many inexpensive and effective options for women to try and still look like a million bucks. If you are trying to save money take a look at the following frugal beauty tips that we have collected.

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Wear sunscreen

Avoiding the sun while wearing sunscreen is one of the best methods to protect your skin since the sun is the source of the majority of wrinkles and spots on your face and body. Sunscreen is beneficial for all types of skin and can help reduce the chances of getting skin cancer. It helps you maintain smoother skin and even tone since it prevents discoloration caused by sun damage.

Sun damage can cause collagen breakdown, discoloration, which can contribute to saggy skin, lines, and wrinkles. You can find inexpensive sunscreen products from the dollar store, at the pharmacy, or even at a discount from Kimbino’s leaflets which contain products from well-known beauty brands.


Consume foods that keep your teeth clean

Consume foods that can help keep your teeth strong and clean as well as give you a better smile. Fresh fruits and vegetables are among of the greatest foods for good teeth because of their mouth health advantages. For example, crispy fruits and raw vegetables, including apples, carrots, and celery are very good choices since they aid in plaque removal and breath freshening.

Additionally, nuts also provide several dental advantages since they are filled with vital minerals like calcium and phosphorus. The best part about it is that they contain a variety of nuts including hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, and cashew nuts, all with their specific vitamins, minerals, and other benefits for your teeth in one single pack. Most meats include many benefits for dental health as well. They have important nutrients and help create more saliva when we chew. More saliva is also beneficial because it reduces acidity in the mouth and washes away bits of food that can cause decay.

TIP: Nuts can get pretty expensive. If you are searching for a reduced price, check out the Lidl offer (page 6), for a 50% discount on nuts this week!


Use sugar to exfoliate

You don’t need to be buying expensive exfoliating products when you can simply and very easily make your own scrub using kitchen items. Mix a half cup of sugar with ¼ cup of olive oil to make a basic exfoliating scrub. If you want your scrub to have a scent you could even use baby oil since it has a nice aroma to it or add a few drops of essential oil.

TIP: You will find several tutorials on Youtube on how to make various types of scrubs.


Wash your hair less

Washing your hair every day can be damaging, making them look dry, weary, and frizzy. Besides damaging your hair you will also be wasting shampoo. Washing your hair less often helps to preserve its natural oils and reduce frizz. Additionally, people who go months without washing their hair have reported that their hair generates less scalp oil, resulting in healthy and moist hair which never gets greasy. Try to wash your hair 2 or 3 times a week, you can even use dry shampoo in-between days.


Take care of your nails

Keep your nails clean and dry before applying color to them. If your nails have oil or moisture to them then the color tends to not stick and you would need to keep reapplying. The nail salon can be really expensive and learning how to do your own nails and keeping them clean can be a real money saver. If you invest in good nail polish and top coat, you can manage to create a long-lasting manicure or pedicure.


The brand name is not important

The quality of the product isn’t always determined by the name of the brand. The most important thing in a good product is the ingredients used to make it. So make sure you check the ingredients of the product first because most often than not the less expensive product has the same components as the expensive one.


Get your beauty sleep

Sleep is a very important factor when it comes to having a nice appearance. Our bodies produce human growth hormones when we sleep, which can promote the creation of collagen and help keep our skin smooth and elastic.

You can get brighter and clearer skin when you sleep since old skin cells are replaced by fresh new ones, therefore, reducing the chance of breakouts. Additionally, hair is more likely to be strong and shiny when you get enough sleep and less likely to become brittle and have split ends. Since you produce a decent amount of collagen every time you sleep, your cells can effectively repair themselves.

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