Five Things You Didn't Know about Us


Five Things You Didn't Know about Us
Five Things You Didn't Know about Us

It’s Friday!

And we’ve been tagged to participate in a little game, so what the hell, here goes:

Five Things About Us

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On Any Given Day, You Will Most Likely Find a Chunky Silver Ring on the Middle Finger of Our Right Hand. (We Have a Few Dozen of These for Just This Purpose.)


We Have Two Dogs: a Purebred-troublemaking Siberian Husky Named Jack and a Shih-Tzu/Yorkie Mix Named Lulu. if Jack Ever Gets Loose, He Races through the Neighborhood Laughing at Us Because We Can’t Catch Him. Hours Later, He Will Come Home and Collapse on the Front Lawn from Exhaustion. for This Reason, He Must Never Get Loose


Our Favorite Time of Day is Dawn. We Wake up at 5 O’clock Every Morning to Work on the Makeup Bag before Getting Ready for Our ‘real’ Job


We’ve Never Had a Cavity. or Braces


Our Favorite Colors Are Green and Red

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