7 Fashion Tips You Will Love ...


Ever walk into your closet some mornings and just HATE everything you try on? I think that's a horrible dilemma most women face, and sometimes it seems to be on a daily basis! Annoying, yes, but there are certain fashion tips you will love that can change the way you look at getting dressed in the morning! I have 7 fashion tips you will love. With these tips getting dressed in the morning will be a breeze! You will love pulling outfits together and making it look effortless. If you love fashion and style this article is for you! So please keep reading my article and 7 fashion tips you will love and I think you will enjoy it!

1. Belt It in

A loose, flowy top with a belt cinched at the waist can make a huge statement. You can buy tops that are one size too large on purpose with the sole intention of wearing them this way! And dresses can look amazing worn this way as well. Just make sure you choose straight dresses, not fitted ones, which are meant to be worn in the correct size for you. And invest in a few different color belts, which will give you options to play with!

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