Fall-Winter Fashion Trends: #4 the Minimalist Tendency ...

Photo: Jianfranco Ferre Fall-Winter 08-09

6 Hottest Fashion Trends for Fall-Winter 2008/2009
Style 4: The Minimalist Tendency
Less is more.

This style philosophy has been around for ages - but only a few have remained faithful to the maxim. This fall, however, even the usually extravagant designers employed simpler lines and more structured pieces.

For the fall-winter collection of 2008, choose basic black dresses, pared-down pants, tailored suits and stark, architectural tops.

Here's what the minimalist tendency has in store for all the fashionistas out there:

11. Calvin Klein

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Nothing could be simpler than this stark, grey number from Calvin Klein. The good thing about this dress is that the design is bound to be a classic that you can wear year-round.

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